For every anniversary and suitable bouquet Every anniversary is reason for a party and deserves a nice bouquet. Whether your parents have been married for 20 years,...

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For every anniversary and suitable bouquet

Every anniversary is reason for a party and deserves a nice bouquet. Whether your parents have been married for 20 years, an employee has been employed for 10 years, you have been friends for 15 years or someone has been in the same association for 30 years; flowers are always a nice gesture for an anniversary! An anniversary is a special moment, it is special when one has had a connection or connection with each other for years in any way. Therefore, it is special to appreciate the anniversary with beautiful anniversary flowers. Because of the special character of an anniversary, it is nice to be big. E-bloom has special anniversary options for this. Whatever the budget and whatever special milestone is celebrated, we have a suitable bouquet for everyone to celebrate the anniversary. 

Jubilee bouquets

We have a suitable forest for every budget. For both men and women, young and old, it doesn't matter. Are you looking for a grand gesture? Then our Special is definitely a must; grand, with special flowers and chic color combinations. The bouquet has different heights and therefore gives the largest appearance that suits anniversary flowers. This bouquet will appeal to every jubilee. Another great and festive bouquet is the Stylish Field Bouquet in XL. The perfect bouquet for the party pig huge surprise and that for a very attractive price. It is not for nothing our bestseller. The cheerful full field bouquet and the colorful combination of flowers gives the atmosphere you want to give to an anniversary bouquet.

Business jubilee 

For a business jubilee you can also visit our business ordering environment where we can connect to the HRM system if desired. This way you will never miss a business jubilee and the jubilee will always be delivered at the right time at the office or at home! The anniversary flowers can be personalized with a personal message, but also with a card of the company which can be added to the anniversary bouquet. The handy thing is that everything can be planned in advance or automatically put into the system. In this way, each anniversary bouquet at the right time, with the right message. Of course, all this can be paid afterwards on account and cost center.

Popular milestones

There are of course many special anniversaries to celebrate. A festive commemoration of an event, such as a marriage, entering into a company or founding an association or company, that has been a certain time is of course worth at least a bouquet. Many companies offer a celebration to someone who has been employed for 25 years. A second jubilee is celebrated when one has been in service for 40 years. Not only do the companies celebrate the jubilee of employees, but also that of the organization itself. It is not uncommon for companies to have existed for many decades or even hundreds of years. Often such a company celebrates its long existence with an anniversary book. Cities, villages and countries also celebrate their own anniversaries. The various historical events are often commemorated on anniversaries (50, 100 and 1000 years after the event itself). Of course, it is also customary to celebrate the duration of a marriage. The different years have names of raw materials. The most celebrated wedding years are: 1 year (cotton), 5 years (wood), 12.5 years (copper), 25 years (silver), 50 years (gold) and 60 years (diamonds). It is generally known that the more years the jubilee lasts, the more celebrated it will be.