The bee population has been considerably reduced in recent years. But together with you, e•bloom’s ‘buzzing community’ is contributing to maintaining and even expanding the number of bee colonies and the kind of flower meadows they need.

About e•bee

Last autumn, our beekeeper Lieke set up a new bee colony and moved it to a great spot behind one of our buildings. By this spring, the colony had grown substantially and now consists of around 30,000 bees. Located around our buildings are wide flower strips where the bees are busily collecting nectar.

Our e•bee project is supporting this bee colony and includes plans to have it grow even larger. At the same time, we are saving to develop more flower meadows. And you’re helping us! Whenever you buy a bouquet via e•bloom, you’re not only contributing to maintaining the bee population but also accumulating e•bees to give yourself a nice little present! Join the Hive!