DIY with the No Waste Friday bunch! 

Sustainability runs like a thread through e•bloom, but we also sometimes have flowers left at the end of the week. Throwing them away is a sin and not sustainable, so we do not. What we do is that we save them and turn them into beautiful No Waste Friday bunches. 

Arrange your own bouquet with beautiful flowers from the grower! Only on Fridays we sell these unique DIY bunches for an attractive price. So you receive them on Saturday. A lot for little we will say. No bound bouquet, no specially composed flowers. Just a big bunch of beautiful flowers that we save this way from the green box. The flowers are not unnecessarily lost! No waste! What you can add yourself? Creativity! So sustainable and also very nice!

Share your creations!

Proud of your fantastic homemade bouquets and filled vases? Share your creations on your socials, use #nowastefriday and tag! We love to share your results so we can inspire others!

In short, do you want to save flowers from the click, get a lot of flowers for little money and get to work on the weekend? Order your No Waste Friday bunch now!