Fat Friends

These Sanseveria & Peperomia Raindrop bring the cosiness into your home! Pots included.


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These two green friends immediately give your home or the receiver's home a cozy look. The round shapes of the Peperomia and the pointy thick leaves of the Sanseveria give them a cool contrast. Both plants are easy to maintain. 

The Sanseveria originates from the desert of Ethiopia. That's why this plant is mega strong and stays beautiful in drought and heat. So feel free to skip it or forget to water it. The only thing to watch out for is if you give it too much water, this can cause root rot. So give it too little rather than too much water. Sun and heat can be good for this plant, but it can also stand well in a dark place. More light will help it grow more. If you water the Sanseveria once a month, give it a little houseplant nutrition. 

Peperomia Raindrop owes its name to the droplet-like shape of its leaves. It looks a lot like the pancake plant, only the leaves are bigger and fuller. The plant originates from the Amazonian region and can therefore withstand heat and sunlight, but a slightly darker spot doesn't bother Pepperomia either. Because this plant is so strong it doesn't need much care. The soil of the Peperomia should not be too dry, but a long period of wet roots doesn't do the plant any good either. Therefore give it a small amount of water once a week. 

A pot with each plant

At e•bloom, each plant is delivered in a pot as shown in the picture. This way you immediately have a nice pot in your house, but also gives it extra fun as a gift.  


  • Height Sanseveria 40 cm, pot of braided flax diameter 12 cm
  • Height Pepperomia Raindrop 20 cm, pot of zinc diameter 12 cm
  • Pots included
  • Sustainably grown
  • Packaged in special plant packaging for a safe trip
  • Personal message when shipped as a gift 


As part of Groenland B.V. we have sustainability very high priority. In fact, it's in our DNA. This is reflected in our building, our way of working, our products and supporting the bees, among other things. Would you like to know more? Here you can read more about it. 


For every bouquet or plant combination you buy online from us you will receive e•bees. This saves you a nice discount for yourself and indirectly for the bees. You can exchange your e•bees for a voucher code. This code can be used once, is valid for your entire order and expires after six months. In your account you can see how many e•bees you have saved. Have your e•bees expired? Then they will automatically be donated to e•bee the buzzing community with which we support our beekeeper so she can take care of the expansion of the peoples. We also purchase new hives and lay out flower fields at various locations. In short, unnoticed you save money for this beautiful cause with as a reward, more bees, and a nice discount in the shop! So, Join the Hive!

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